Updates On The Tim Lambesis Murder Plot

As I Lay Dying

The prosecutors in the Tim Lambesis case spoke at the arraignment hearing. Lambesis payed an undercover cop, who he believed was a hit man, in cash to murder his wife. Lambesis apparently gave the undercover cop instructions to kill his wife while he was with his kids so it would seem that he had an alibi.

A readiness hearing for Tim Lambesis has been set for June 10 and the singer’s preliminary hearing will take place on July 10.

UT San Diego is reporting that Tim Lambesis renounced his Christian faith and belief in God several months ago.

He also wrote in the email that he no longer believed in God, the prosecutor said.

The wife learned that Lambesis had been having affairs with other women. She filed for divorce in September, citing “irreconcilable differences” and alleging that her husband had become obsessed with bodybuilding and going to the gym. She said in court documents that she was concerned about her husband’s ability to care for their children.