You, Me, And Everyone We Know Frontman “a pathological liar”

Former You, Me, And Everyone We Know guitarist Augustine Rampolla has posted a response to the statement written by frontman Ben Liebsch in which he blames alcoholism for the conflicts that pulled his band apart. Rampolla maintains that Liebsch doesn’t have a drinking problem and wrote,

Since we lived in a van with him, we knew he was NOT an alcoholic and did NOT have a drinking problem (other than not being able to handle his alcohol on the sparse occasions that he did drink).

Rampolla says that the real issue is that Liebsch “is a pathological liar” and has been appropriating band finances in excess of $9,000 for his own personal use since 2009. Rampolla says,

Something tells me that all of that wasn’t done in a drunken stupor like he claims. Something else tells me he wasn’t (as he put) “sneaking what he owed back into the money bag”. This is all we wanted him to admit and apologize for so we could all move on and continue being a band. He couldn’t do that, and still can’t do that.