Wake The Light Call It Quits

Wake the Light have announced they are breaking up.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Wake the Light is no more. We have unofficially been apart since April. We are still signed to our deal and breaking up does not remedy that situation, meaning we can’t just break up and walk away, so we will continue to work with them behind the scenes to find a resolution and move on mutually. With that being said we are currently spread out across 4 states and we have no plans to continue on with WTL after the New Year.

We wish we could say more but we are not here to bad mouth anyone or point fingers. We just want to thank you, all of our fans, for making these 5 years of being a band so awesome. We did and saw a lot of awesome things and we owe it all to you guys for coming to the shows and spreading the word for us. Though we did not achieve our professional goals we are still proud of our time together and the album we were able to make. We also want to thank the awesome bands and behind the scenes people who have helped us along the way. While we of course ran into some bad people we had the pleasure of working with and sharing the stage with some incredible musicians and professionals. There is way too many to list but we think you know who you are.

In the mean time feel free to purchase our album “Leave It All Behind” (while you can!) on iTunes or Amazon as well as listen to us on Pandora and Spotify.

Lenny Kravitz said it best when he said “Rock N Roll is dead.” He also said “My momma said is loves all that matters.”

Wishing you peace and love in the New Year, and beyond,

Wake the Light