Review – Tristan Clopet ‘Purple EP’

1. Proximity Bomb
2. So Alive
3. Superficiality is a Sin
4. Ethereal Evidence
5. Love and a Question
6. Black Panther Party

Release Date: 1/12/10
Label – Independent/Sussex Recordings

The sophomore EP “Purple” from Toronto-born Tristan Clopet features six songs and makes you want a full album from him. With over 500,000 video views on YouTube he must be doing something right. This EP showcases Tristan Clopet as great songwriter and amazing vocalist. You can hear some influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a few of his songs but he still make it his own.

Best Songs: Ethereal Evidence, Superficiality Is A Sin
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My Rating [Rating:4/5]

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