The Swellers Recording New Album Next Week

The Swellers

The Swellers will begin recording their new album next week with Marc Hudson (Saves The Day) without a label or management. Check out a message from frontman Nick Diener below.

This feels eerily similar to how things went down in 2009 when we were still between labels and had no management, but had a bunch of songs we were really excited about. That’s how our record Ups and Downsizing came about, so this organic, creative process is going to be a nice return to form. Our last EP was very therapeutic as far as venting frustration and doing things ourselves, but we’re in a very different, less bitter place now and just excited that we get to make music again and again. We’re nearing the end of our longest ever break from touring (nearly six months), so booking this studio time, regardless of who puts out the record and when, felt like the right thing to do to keep moving.