The Maine Release New Demo “All In (Or Not In At All)”

The Maine have posted a new demo  “All In (Or Not In At All)” here. Read what drummer Pat Kirch said about the song below.

This one was recorded at the farm in Gilbert, AZ.

When writing for Pioneer we recorded a lot of short ideas like this one to see where they would go. John had the Piano and vocal idea for this one and the rest of us filled in the blanks real quick and then recorded it live so we would remember it. I remember it was the day after our friend Loren’s wedding which also happens to be the day we decided to try and record an album ourselves. Anyways John recorded a quick vocal take on it outside the farm so that is why you can hear cars driving by and such in the backround. When John and Dirk were getting ready to put out exaltation they wanted some type of song to give away with it so I pulled up the file and out a quick mix on it and that is what you hear.

Ps. At the end you can hear Loren calling John thanking him for the wedding gift. We have a bunch more little demo recordings like this that I can not wait to share with you all.That is all. Hope you all have a good Valentines day. Not really sure why it is considered a holiday.