The Friday Night Boys Are Breaking Up

The Friday Night Boys have announced that they’re officially breaking up. Guitarist Mike Toohey is in a new band called Time Travel. Bassist Robby Dallas Reider will be performing with him and taking a day job working for a member of Congress. Drummer Chris Barrett will be releasing solo material and frontman Andrew Goldstein will be writing and producing for other artists.

A statement released by Goldstein:

After three and a half years as band, The Friday Night Boys are officially splitting up. Many of you know that things don’t always go the way they are originally planned, but it is a decision we all agreed upon. However, I would like to take note of the positive experiences we had as a band, as well as with fans and friends.

We would like to thank all of the people that took the time to listen to our music, come to our shows, buy our merch, and talk to us. You all made flying down a highway at 4am pounding red bulls in a puttering old van much easier and enjoyable. Especially those of you who saw us time and time again all over the country. It was an honor to see your familiar faces whenever and where ever we showed up. The lovely FNB fans brought us all the Cheez Its, cookies, cupcakes and gummy worms we could eat! I think I’m good on those foods for a few years at least. So thank you.

We were able to live our dreams because of you. We would also like to thank our label, managers, friends, other bands, and family for being so supportive and helping us in every way.