The Dangerous Summer Drop Off Hit The Lights Tour

The Dangerous Summer have dropped off the Hit The Lights, Such Gold, the Story So Far, and Divided By Friday tour. Read the official statement below.

We regret to inform you that we will be canceling all of our shows until December 17th for reasons beyond our control we all feel horrible canceling our upcoming tour and hope to make it up to you all soon.

♥ stay positive and do something big!

cody payne, aj perdomo, tyler minsberg, bryan czap

You can read Hit The Lights statement below.

We just got word that the Dangerous Summer will be dropping off our tour due to “reasons beyond their control”. Apparently there was an inner band dispute in Chicago resulting in one of the members of TDS being kicked out of the band (or so we’re told). The band went home to regroup and as of last night, had offered to do the tour acoustically.

We were stoked that TDS were going to find a way to do the tour, and we offered various ways to help them continue the tour (AJ playing acoustic and riding with HTL, having some members of HTL fill in for TDS etc). We would still like to publicly offer AJ to come out and play acoustic TDS songs on the tour. You should email him and let him know that you’d like that too: [email protected]

Don’t worry, the tour is still happening and is going to be really special, and we look forward to seeing all of you out there!Stay tuned for an update….

PS, Cody is selling the Dangerous Summer’s tour van and trailer. The very least we could do is help them get it off their hands….