The Cab To Open For Maroon 5

The Cab To Open For Maroon 5

The Cab bassist Joey Thunder has announced they will be opening for Maroon 5’s world tour. Read below:

Dear friends,

I am honored to announce we (The Cab) shall be doing a world tour with the very talented Maroon Five.

Like almost everything special to a person, the diligence we have put into The Cab has not been easy. There are times when the sacrifices you make start to cloud judgements, when one’s idealisms tend to subjectively contradict the group’s objective. It is only natural–but all it takes is a little reminder; something to slap the back of your hand and when it does, it feels like a giant breath of fresh air. The news for this tour has been just that for all of us & we are so excited to share it with all of you.Thank you everyone who has supported The Cab. Big thank you to our fans for always being there, fighting for us.

I’d like to personally thank Chris Knight, Keltie Colleen, Benji White, the rest of the Cab band (including our families) and of course our Symphony Soldiers for the constant support. You inspire us so much more than you will ever understand.”