Squid The Whale Part Ways With Frontman Bradley Walden

Squid The Whale

Bradley Walden is no longer the frontman of Squid The Whale. Read a statement below:

We have decided to part ways with Bradley Walden. This is not a total disbandment. There needed to be a change within the group and letting him go is more than a positive one. We apologize to any of our fans who showed their love and support with the previous line up. The last thing we wanted to do was let our fans down. It’s just a change that needed to happen. We wish Bradley the best in all future endeavors.

Bradley Walden has release a statement on PropertyOfZack regarding his departure. Read below:

I wanted to leave, they wanted me to leave. I’m thankful for the opportunities I had with them and the outlet in which it created. The past should stay dead, I’m ready to embrace whatever the future brings.