Sleeping With Sirens Discuss Acoustic EP

Sleeping With Sirens

In a interview, Sleeping With Sirens discussed the acoustic EP they recorded. And they plan to head into the studio to work on a new album this upcoming January. Read below:

You recorded an acoustic EP that featured some new songs and some old ones as well. Was that just to show off a different side to the band?
We think of it as kind of a little thank you to our fans. We’ve put out two albums and we’ve had an amazing ride so far and kids really respond to the acoustic stuff. We used to play acoustic songs at the end of shows when we were first starting out in the parking lot. The fans that have been there since the beginning have been waiting for a CD they could actually pop in and listen to without having to go on Youtube and watch the videos of us playing. It’s mostly for that, and to showcase another side of us, that we can play some softer jams as well as some heavy stuff. It turned out really cool man, we’re getting back our final mixes on everything. We did it with a guy named Mark Trombino.