‘SLC Punk! 2: Punk’s Dead’ Details

SLC Punk

Details about the sequel to the 1998 cult classic SLC Punk have emerged after fans started a petition asking for the return of Jason Segal to the series. The film is expected to be released by the end of 2014 and a statement from director James Merendino can be read below:

I need to address this Fan generated petition. Jason has not read the script. But he knows that Mike’s part is a cameo. I am very impressed by Jason’s career and his many talents. He has been very sweet about why he feels that a cameo in the sequel is not the direction he is going. I have fond memories of Jason. I wish him well. I would not want him to think that he ‘must’ do the sequel out of guilt. But, that’s my opinion. You are all free to have your own and share your feelings about us having to recast Mike. Thanks for your continued support.

As for cutting Mike out of the Sequel. Mike is based on a real person. What he has done in real life is awesome and must be told. And I can’t imagine the story without including his very punk rock experience. Jason played him well but I cannot just forget how much he influenced me and this story. There are some very talented actors out there but only one Mike in my life.