Shinedown Guitarist Jasin Todd Joins Fuel

Fuel have announced the departure of guitarist Yogi Lonich, and the addition of ex-Shinedown guitarist Jasin Todd. The band’s line-up now consists of Jasin Todd with original front-man Brett Scallions, bassist Brad Stewart (ex-Shinedown),  and drummer Ken Schalk (ex-Candiria). Statement below:

Hello to everyone in the land of Fuel! Hope everyone is doing great and are gearing up for the next leg of the tour. We’ve got some fun dates on the tour and everyone in the band is chomping at the bit to get back on the bus and rock some shows for ya. Speaking of the band, I always try to have good news to balance out the bad news and today I have both. Unfortunately, Yogi will not be able to perform as Fuel’s guitarist anymore. Yogi has accepted a gig in Japan for the next three months and it conflicts with the schedule that we are trying to put together for Fuel. I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Yogi and I’ll miss having him next to me on the stage. He’s a great guitarist and a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to play with you again, my brutha. Ok, enough with the bad news. The good news (actually great news) is that Jasin Todd (Shinedown) is available and will be joining us as our new guitarist! I know, I know. There’s more Shinedown on the stage than there is Fuel. I can’t wait to hear the jokes. Jasin is a great guitarist and a very talented songwriter. I can’t wait to sit in a room with him and the boys and flesh out these songs in my head that keep me up all night. If everyone could please stand up and give a warm Fuelies welcome to Jasin that would be greatly appreciated. See you all very soon!
– Brett

  • Josh

    so excited to see Jasin back on stage again…..but, with Brad too!!! This is GREAT!

  • Sykes

    Nice to see Brett take over and clean house with Fuel, right on man.

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