Search The City Resurface With New Members

Search The City

Search The City have resurfaced with a new vocalist, drummer and bassist. You can hear three new demos from the band here. Read a statement from the band below:

Thanks for being so patient this week with our updates before we release our demo tomorrow. I’m sure this is stating the obvious, but we had each member in the band write a little forward as a precursor to releasing our music as a personal way to reach out to you. Our audience continued to grow even during our hiatus and I’d genuinely like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing our music with friends. Everyone has been so awesome and patient, so we are releasing two demos instead! We hope that this makes things worth the wait and that you like the songs as much as we do.

As a founding member of Search The City, I’d like to address concerns with the new lineup and hopefully lay to rest some of the doubtful commentary. We’ve had to change our lineup quite a few times in the past due to members personal reasons, schedule conflicts, and well… we’ve been at this for 10+ years and it’s just a natural part of keeping a band going.

Before we recorded the Ghosts EP, we had went through two singers before we enlisted Josh Frost (Mike Johnson & Joe Mazek); two drummers (Eric Phillups and Colin Birkett) before Adam McMillion; and a bassist, Jim Baird, who joined up to form the lineup that stuck for awhile during our Ghosts era. Our third guitarist, Andy Paonessa also played with us during that time. Are you still following? This was pre-“A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It” days. We’ve also had a couple of bassists during AFSBTHCSI era that toured with us; Eli Clark & Brandon Ellis. Finally, coming back from our hiatus, we have tried different lineups throughout the last few years to revive the band after Josh’s first departure in 2009 which included the return and exit of vocalist, Josh Frost; drummers Leigh Klemmer, Jeff Supina & Phil Johnson; and bassists Brian Connelly & Jim Baird.All of these past members and friends of ours played an integral part of Search The City and were crucial to the band’s evolution. This goes to show that we aren’t new to member changes and how we have managed to keep the band alive throughout various milestones of the band. We’ve had countless trials and tribulations in the past that we have overcome, but the biggest one is coming back from a three year long hiatus. Saying hiatus isn’t completely accurate because we’ve been actively trying to keep the band going. Search The City just wasn’t possible until Joe Marks (bass), Travis Bobier (vocals), and Chris Jenkins (drums) stepped in to the picture. Our new lineup is more solid and unified on both a friendship, professional, and musical level than ever before. This enables us as better songwriters and to run the band better than in the past.

As far as the future, it’s just hours to go until our new song drops. We are working on getting some proper studio time booked to record all of the songs we’ve been demoing. We will be adding shows and new merchandise to our sites, so please keep checking back to see what we are up to.Thanks for always being there for us,

Alex Sheldon | Guitar