Review – Good Charlotte ‘Cardiology’

1. Introduction to Cardiology
2. Let the Music Play
3. Counting the Days
4. Silver Screen Romance
5. Like It’s Her Birthday
6. Last Night
7. Sex on the Radio
8. Alive
9. Standing Ovation
10. Harlow’s Song (Can’t Dream Without You)
11. Interlude: The Fifth Chamber
12. 1979
13. There She Goes
14. Right Where I Belong
15. Cardiology

Release Date: 11/2/10
Label – Capitol

When listening to some of songs on the album you will feel that it sounds like their first album. But at the same time you will hear the progression is their music. In all it’s a good album. I wouldn’t say it’s their best but still good.

Best Songs: Standing Ovation, 1979
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My Rating [Rating:3/5]

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