Review – Framing Hanley ‘A Promise To Burn’

1. Intro
2. The Promise
3. Wake Up
4. Bittersweet Sundown
5. Warzone
6. You Stupid Girl
7. Weight of the World
8. Fool with Dreams
9. Back to Go Again
10. Livin’ So Divine
11. You
12. Photographs and Gasoline
13. The Burn

Release Date: 5/25/10
Label – Silent (Soh)

Framing Hanley are a five piece from Nashville, Tennessee. You may know them as Youtube stars for their cover of Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’ last year (it’s has over seven million views). But this album is far from that video. This is their second full-length, their last one was in 2007. The album sounds somewhere between 30 Seconds to Mars and Mayday Parade. The album starts out with one of their best song on the album “The Promise”. A lot of the songs on this album could be singles for the band. In all its an awesome album and most people will like it.

Best Songs: The Promise, WarZone

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My Rating [Rating:4/5]

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