Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Her some musicians that shared their thoughts.

Alex Gaskarth (@alexanderwilliam) of All Time Low: Wow… News broke while we were on stage. Crazy. Glad that the Obama camp got it done where certain others couldn’t.

Pete Wentz (@petewentz) of Black Cards and Fall Out Boy: wow obama 1, 2 punch: lion king video than osama dead. seriously i wanna see who runs in 2012…

Jonathan Cook (@iamjonathancook) of Forever The Sickest Kids: I pray the death of Bin Ladin will mark a historical impact to unify the citizens of our country.

Benji Madden (@benjaminmadden) of Good Charlotte: America! F#Ck Yeah!

Andy Hurley (@xsavagistx) of the Damned Things and Fall Out Boy: come on milwaukee, let’s go to the war memorial for a USA chant!

Ryan Key (@williamryankey) of Yellowcard: Don’t get me wrong. It is a huge accomplishment for our military, but the news is selling it like something has ended and all is well.

Billy Hamilton (@billverstein) of Silverstein: “America can do whatever we want” – Obama #NOPARENTSNORULES! #’MERICA #FREEDOM

Bryce Avary (@therocketsummer) of the Rocket Summer: In the words of the illustrious Uncle Rico… “Right on… Right on.” High Fives to the troops.

Anberlin (@anberlin): I’m not gonna post something about this because it’s gonna get lost in a sea of people trying to be clever & witty. But I am stoked! -NY

Jared Monaco (@jaredmaine) of the Maine: It’s nice to know there is light at the end of a tunnel seemingly filled with endless shit.

Eric Halvorsen (@erichalvorsen) of A Rocket To The Moon: Osama Bin Laden is dead? I’d like a long form document proving this…

Kent Garrison (@kentgarrison) of Forever The Sickest Kids: Is there a hollow statue of Bin Laden anywhere that we can pull down and hit with shoes?

Rian Dawson (@riandawson) of All Time Low: Obama: Re-election Confirmed.

Every Time I Die (@everytimeidie): this is seriously ruining our chances of getting live updates from the ICP set at Bamboozle

Cassadee Pope (@heycassadee) of Hey Monday: Couldn’t think of a better place to be tomorrow. NYC bound. Obama rules. Osama’s dead. Let’s party.

Anthony Raneri (@anthonyraneri) of Bayside: Proud to be an American tonight. Reminds me of the night Obama won the election and we watched it in the dressing room in ft lauderdale

Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) of All Time Low: Fuck Yeah America. Fuck. Yeah America fuck yea

Gabe Saporta (@gabrielsaporta) of Cobra Starship: osama bin laden is alive and well and living in paris. Parix, texas

Katy Perry (@katyperry): I believe in justice… but don’t u think that an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind? #revolutioncomesthroughlove #worldpeace