Motionless In White Officially Part Ways With Guitarist

Motionless In White have released an official statement announcing the departure of guitarist TJ Bell. According to the statement, he gave the band no warning when he left days before MIW embarked on tour to fill in on bass for Escape The Fate. The statement says,

TJ told ETF’s management and Craig [Mabbitt, ETF vocalist] that he had already asked us in MIW how we felt about it and that we agreed. That was NOT the case at all. The Truth is that he showed up to practice 2 days before we left for tour and told us about ALL of this for the first time and said that it was already set in motion and we didn’t have a choice because he was “doing what’s best for TJ”. He basically fucked us last minute.  Then to top it off.. decided to let us know that instead of leaving for 5 days as he had mentioned when first telling us about all of this… he was now going to be gone for 9 days. …… he told us this with only a week before leaving with NO time to find a fill in for him whatsoever.

TJ stated his admission to us that he doesn’t like any of us and is only in MIW because he doesn’t want to go home and have to work a real job. To us… we shouldn’t have to have someone in our band who doesn’t like any of us or who isn’t as passionate as we are about everything pertaining to MIW and our fans which you obviously know we care about greatly.   We are over people always asking “Where’s Tj??” because he refuses to go meet fans after shows. I’m sure ANY of you reading this can agree that when you’re in a position like we are, where we are given an AMAZING chance to play music around the world.. you want someone in the band who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE BAND AND THE FANS.

Entire statement here.