Max Bemis Clears Up Rumors About Side Project

Max Bemis has written a letter to fans explaining that his upcoming release under the name Max Bemis & The Painful Splits is neither a solo album nor side project. Read it below:

Although the “Max Bemis and the Painful Splits” CD is a full length of all original songs, it is NOT (as being reported) my first official “solo” record as some sites have posted nor an official side-project. It may be released by a record company eventually but there will probably be only one Painful Splits record. I probably see myself undertaking a new band name every time i do this type of lofi outing i.e Max Bemis and the Drooling Buddhas or Max Bemis and the Ted Turners or something. It’s really a low-key sort of release and although i’m in love with the record i don’t want it to be addressed as a full on side project or solo project, more-so a collection of songs i wrote and love that i crafted into a record.