Kevin Lyman Launches Intour Festival For YouTube Stars

Intour Festival

Kevin Lyman of Warped Tour has launched Intour festical. It’s for YouTube stars, an area that Lyman is calling the wild wild west. Read below:

“We’re going to try and make this entertaining,” Lyman said. “No offense, but when I saw these early gatherings they reminded more of a high school talent show.”

Currently, Intour is only confirmed for one date, but Lyman said if all goes well, he can potentially see a national tour developing perhaps in the winter. And, in his capable hands, it could potentially become a behemoth presence in the concert scene, similar to the 20-year-old Warped Tour which sold 500,000 tickets this year.

“Kevin brings a lot of experience to this festival that quite frankly we don’t have at Fullscreen,” said Daniel Rosen, senior talent manager at Fullscreen. “He really understands the teen market.”