Jonny Craig Running An Internet Scam?

Jonny Craig(frontman of Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance) is facing accusations from fans claiming the he accepted money from them in exchange for MacBooks he never sent. This past summer he began tweeting that he had a laptop for sale for typically between $600 and $800 (example here). According to this report, at least 16 fans contacted Craig and sent him money for a MacBook, and none of them ever received one. The earliest reported sales began in late summer and Craig continued to tweet about the computers for sale as recently as this month.

Craig took to his Twitter to proclaim his innocence and said that he had been the victim of a prolonged identity theft. In past several days, screenshots of text conversations between the buyers and Craig have been posted along with photo evidence of receipts and wire transfers that were accepted by the him.

Craig tweeted, “Can’t tell who really got ripped off or who didn’t. I will not be responding to anything untill this is cleard [sic] up. Im gonna clear my name “