Jonny Craig Kicked Out Of Dance Gavin Dance For Heroin Use


He is still in the band. Go here and read a statement from the band.

February 8, 2012:

An anonymous blog posted photos of Dance Gavin Dance frontman, Jonny Craig, using heroin claiming that his struggles with addiction has been kicked out of the band again, as well as getting his solo project dropped from Rise. And that Matt Geise will be replacing him on the bands upcoming tour.


We have spoken to another source who has asked to remain anonymous. The information we have received suggests that what was posted in the original Tumblr posts (that Jonny is no longer in DGD, that Rise has dropped him as a solo act, that Matt Geise will be the new DGD singer, and that Jonny won’t be on the upcoming tour) is almost all correct. The murky information is that we are not sure who will be filling in for Jonny on the upcoming tour, we are not sure whether DGD will be moving on as a band, and are not 100% sure of Rise’s involvement with anything related to Craig. We are waiting for a statement from Craig’s manager.

From the blog

Jonny Craig using heroin

Jonny Craig using heroin. I know him personally, it’s Feb 2012 and he’s still using his fans to get drug money. What a piece of shit. Jonny doesn’t deserve what he’s been givin. PLEASE give you’re time/support to musicians who actually care about their fans. There are many musicians out there who do. Sadly after getting to know Jonny on a personal level, he does not.

Jonny Craig using heroin

For those who doubted this was jonny.  This is straight from my phone, no bullshit. You can see his DGD tat on his side and his money over bitches on his chest.

I’m releasing this because I’m legitimately angry with Jonny, and I feel like people need to know what is really going on.  I personally lost all respect for him after he told me the only thing he regretted from the macbook scandal was “getting caught”.  This is only the beginning, ill be releasing many more pictures and actual video of him talking about his scams.

Rise records has dropped him as a solo artist (check and see for yourself).  I guess I’ll be the first to announce that Jonny has been kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance yet again.  It hasn’t been officially announced as they are trying to fill his spot (most likely Matt Geise).  He (Jonny) will NOT be on their upcoming tour with A Lot Like Birds.

The blogger updated the blog say,

I know all this information because I worked with him in the recent past and haven gotten to know him on a personal level. I have Facebook messages, text messages ect to prove all my claims. What I posted on my tumblr is info that came straight out of Jonny’s mouth. I’ve spent so much time/money/effort trying to help him and all he’s done is fuck me over. And admit to fucking over other fans in the process. I just feel like its time people see the truth and whats really going on, and that Jonny gets what he deserves.