Handguns Fire Drummer Woody Spokas


Drummer Woody Spokas has announced that Handguns have fired him from the band. Read his statement below:

Anyone who was expecting to see me on the Love like tour with All time Low and Man Overboard sorry but I won’t be seeing you guys. With the tour approaching fast I figured it’s about time I released a statement. Handguns decided that it’s best for me to part ways with the band. I was a member of Handguns for the past 2 years and exceeded way more than I thought I ever would in my life. It was the best 2 years I’ve ever had in my life and will hold onto those memories and the people that I’ve met forever. My position in the band can be replaced without a doubt but, those accomplishments and the stories I made will never be taken away from me. Thanks to all of the fans, friends, and family that supported me along the crazy journey I love you all so much for that. You tend to do crazy things like sell a car, quit a full time job, leave loved ones… Anything to keep the dream alive and possible. With that being said anyone that I’ve met in bands along the way you guys have the most respect from me and I wish you all the best! I’m still going to play music, I’m not sure doing what yet but keep an eye out. This life definitely isn’t made for everyone that’s for sure. Continue to support Handguns and good music. I love you all and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. It’s been real dawgs.


Bands statement:

We’re going to miss Woody. He’s still one of our best friends and we wish him the best of luck with his future. He’s done a lot for this band and will always been a part of the family! With that being said; we got our 1st mix of the album two days ago and could not be more fucking stoked about it. It’s more aggressive and mature than anything HG has ever done. The guy who drummed in the studio for the record will continue on with us at this time. We’re literally more prepared and excited to get back on the road than we’ve ever been and can’t wait to see all of your faces and hang harder than ever before. This isn’t the end of anything, promise you that. From us or Woody. Get stoked.‪#‎hg14‬