Farewell Fighter Announce Debut Album ‘Challenges’

Farewell Fighter

Farewell Fighter will release their debut album ‘Challenges’ on August 6 via Easy Killer Records.

In 2008 we started this band as an attempt to make a change in the world in the only way that we knew how; through music. We had no idea anyone would ever want to hear our songs or that we’d even exist in the years that followed. Nearly 5 years later, we sit here with humble hearts and reflect on the events that preceded this moment.

But rather than talking about all the good stuff (because you’ve all been here for those, and we love you for it) we’d like to shed some light on some of the not-so-good-stuff. Over the past year, we’ve been through the ringer. We recorded new songs while trying to balance our personal lives with our passion for this band and simultaneously sweated bullets while trying to find the best way to release our new music. We lost a member, encountered a lot of people behind-the-scenes who didn’t believe in us, and even broke up for a week (yeah, those rumors were true.) The songs we wrote and recorded during this time reflect feelings that we were experiencing for the first time – and ultimately, feelings that we want to share.

Even with all of our challenges and all of our uncertainty, the people closest to our band kept our hopes alive and insisted that we continue trying to find a home for this record. They insisted it was too important to just let it fade away. And we feel lucky to have found a label who we all believe in whole-heartedly, and a label who we know will help us put out this record in the best way imaginable.

That’s why now, with the utmost excitement and anticipation, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be releasing our debut full-length album, Challenges, via Easy Killer Records on August 6. You’ll be able to hear a brand-new song next week. We’re playing an album release show at Rocketown in Nashville on August 6 as well. There will be even more coming in the weeks leading up to the release that we just can’t wait to show you.

Hopefully you’re just as ready for this as we are. We owe this all to you, and we need to thank you from the bottom of our hearts; because without you, we wouldn’t have even pressed on to this point. We wouldn’t exist. We only hope this record can help us show how much you mean to us.