Fans Maced At Bamboozle Roadshow In Dallas

According to tweets by All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth and Boys Like Girls vocalist Martin Johnson, either a security guard or a police officer allegedly maced fans at tonight’s Bamboozle Roadshow date at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, and that the bands were “locked on their buses” for defending the crowd.

Gaskarth tweeted, “I don’t care how rowdy a crowd of kids are, there is absolutely no excuse for the police at SIX FLAGS to spray mace in our fans faces.” He went onto say, “That kind of protocol is insane for an all ages show at a theme park. A girl who looked to be about 15 walked up to me and said she was removed from the crowd after being maced. Are you fucking kidding me? That being said, you were an absolutely incredible crowd, and that may have been one of the best shows we’ve ever had the chance to play.” All Time Low bassist Zack Merrick added, “Kids safety is the number one priority at shows and when they compromise that I draw the line.”

Boys Like Girls’ Johnson openly criticized the police officer who allegedly maced fans, saying, “you mace our fans you fucking die. bands locked on busses for defending helpless fans getting MACED for having a great time at a rock show. i dare security to come backstage.” Johnson then tweeted the name of the officer he says maced fans. He deleted the tweet.

Here a video of it.

UPDATE 5-31-2010

All Time Low have been asked not to perform at tonight’s Bamboozle Roadshow stop at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

In a series of tweets, Gaskarth said, “All Time Low won’t be performing tonight. We showed up- Banned because I stood up for our fans who were victimized by security last night. And now they’re telling the public that -WE- dropped off the show? Unbelievable. We were told that we ‘aren’t allowed to perform.’ So to all the folks coming to see us tonight, I’m deeply, deeply sorry; This was not our call.”

“Its disgusting to see that a family oriented theme park covers up their flubs by shifting the blame and hiding behind shoddy excuses. Big thanks to the park for not only condoning the macing of kids at an all ages show, but also for fabricating stories in order to ban us. I sincerely hope that karma catches up to these degenerate liars.

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  • Nicole

    I don't think any of this is fair. Police men should know what to do. Macing teenagers is not really necessary. They were having a good time and it's a concert NOT a grandmother club! So of course, at some point, concerts get wild. I'm so glad Alex and Martin were defending their fans. It's the right thing to do. If I was there and I got maced, I'd definitely kick the officer and not even care if I got arrested. Having a good time is not illegal, you know.

  • Nathalie Cox

    SIX FLAGS YOU'VE JUST LOST ALOT OF PAYING CUSTOMERS! I think it's awesome that ATL and all the other bands stood up for their fans and openly criticized Six flags at the end of their performance. Seriously did the police and security actually think that the fans were going to injure the bands??? Fans would be devastated if a band member got injured. Fans love their bands.

  • Jade

    Having a 'good time' is not illegal, but getting ON STAGE at a concert venue is. There is no 'getting wild' at a KIDS THEME PARK.. the language was inappropriate and the bands had a contract stating that. they knew better. The teenagers need to think before they do stupid things like run at police officer..

    • Mia

      are you serious? why would any other age group besides teenagers go to a rock show? and if you can’t take the “inappropriate language” then leave! if you’re too immature to handle a concert then don’t waste your time going.. and if the band allows the kids to go on stage then they can. if it was a hazard there was no reason for the security to mace the kids. they could’ve just grabbed the mic and said to get off. not hurt the fans. and they didn’t “run at a police officer” for no reason. what if you were maced for no reason? how would you feel? think before you try to offend someone’s favorite band.

  • Caitlin

    They did nothing wrong. The band was more than okay with having fans on stage. Jack actually complained when a girl came on stage and DIDN'T give him a hug. There is no justifying macing a fifteen year old girl. Most of the fans that were maced never actually got on stage. They were standing off to the sides BELOW the stage.


    YOUE FUCKIN DUMB AND YOU SOUND LIKE A 30 YEAR OLD. kids did not run at a police officer, first off all. 15 years olds got MACED. thats ridiculous. shows get rowdy. thats just what happens. if six flags cant handle it, then they shouldent hold shows like that there. the protocal taken was not necessary at all. alex and martin did the right thing, six flags is over reacting.

  • Truth

    Whether the band “wants kids on stage or not” is irrelevant – if the venue has a policy that the audience shouldn't be onstage, then those stupid little brats deserved what they got – how much you want to bet this idiot 15 year old was being a smartass and disobeying an order before she got maced? She's lucky it wasn't worse. Stupid kids think they can just do whatever they want, and then cry about it when they receive the consequences. I laughed when I read about this, this needs to happen more often.

    • suck my dick.

      honestly shut the fuck up. you’re probably like fifty. you don’t know anything. and i was fucking maced bitch. and i was doing nothing wrong.i was trying to get some girl to stop climbing the stage and I got maced! is that right? no so just stop trying making yourself look better to the public and keep your mouth shut.

  • JennaBeth

    How heartless are you? People were getting legs broken and everything by lame security guards. As annoying as some fans may be, they still have no right AT ALL, to mace the younger ones. I wouldn't be surprised if a lawsuit came out of this.

  • amy

    Shut up.

  • Jessica

    Agree with you to an extent. I agree that it's irrelevant what the bands say if the venue doesn't allow it. I love All Time Low and Boys Like Girls to death, but they should know better. The kids were idiots for trying to get on stage. I wasn't there, but I'm sure that the police didn't just whip out mace the second they tried to. In my opinion, it shouldn't have been used at all in the situation, but I'm sure it wasn't their initial reaction.

    That said, I applaud ATL and BLG for standing up for their fans. However, I think they're being a bit childish about this. Again, ATL is my favorite band and BLG is up there with them, but it's no secret that they're immature. Alex and Jack, especially. I don't know what I would do in the situation, but the kids had NO RIGHT to be going on stage, and were idiots to try, especially if security told them they couldn't. They didn't deserve to be maced, but they deserved to recieve consequences.

  • Simone

    hey! support all time low and the fans by joining the page “Fuck Six Flags Security!” no security man at a child's theme park needs to mace innocent people!

  • I do think that mace shouldn't of been used. They was other ways. And a lot of young kids go to see All Time Low and Bots Like Girls. I can see if there was fighting or something but not just because they want on stage.

  • Kay

    Are you fucking retarded? If the band told the kids to get on stage, why the hell wouldn't they? All Time Low is a very good band filled with respectable young men, but if the venue didn't want any kids to come on stage, then they should have outlined that in their contract. The band would not have invited those kids on stage if the park told them not to. If they're a band that entertains teens, the park should have expected that. You're a disgusting person for calling those kids brats, a smartass and laughing at this. I hope you get maced for doing nothing but having fun and then you will know how it feels.

  • Sandy

    Six Flags over Texas seems to hold no responsibility for what goes on at their park. Employees discriminating against tattooed people and security macing teenagers in one week. Beware teenagers and tattooed people are not family friendly and Six Flags will take no responsibility when you get mistreated at their park!

  • Tiffany

    I don't care what those kids did NOTHING justifies macing a CHILD in the face! I was floored when I saw the tweets from the bands about what happened. What those people did to those kids was wrong. If they were putting others in danger or something, fine, yes there should be consequences, but not mace. However, if no one is getting hurt and they are just having a good time, leave them alone. It's a rock show, wtf did they expect was going to happen? Kids were going to sit down and not move the whole time, WRONG!

    As for what the bands did, good for them. It's nice to see that there are entertainers out there that are willing to stand up for their fans. I like the bands, but seeing that they are willing to take a stand and defend their fans gives me a new found respect for them.

  • lolz

    even though the BAND was okay with kids getting on stage, they were given specific rules to follow before the concert. one being that fans were NOT allowed on stage. it doesnt matter how badass the band thinks they are, they were not supposed to ask the fans to come up. the kids that got maced were actually fighting over the singers hat. when the police told them to stop AND THEY DIDNT, they were maced. the officers acted just as they should. atl fucking started the whole thing. it was not six flags fault. if they would have just followed the rules like every other gay band that plays there, no one would have gotten maced.

    • Mia

      shut the fuck up honestly you’re fucking retarded. get the fuck over it. all time low doesn’t think they are badasss you ass. you honestly sound so dumb.


    Shut Up

  • Jess

    Actually, I went to a NICK JONAS concert with my little sister aka kid-central and a millllion girls were climbing on stage. I didn't see one person maced. Thank you.

  • Cherokee


  • thousandfarenheit

    That absolutely does not excuse them from MACING kids. Those fans -so- did not deserve getting maced. Those security guards are absolutely incompetent if they cannot control a bunch of teenagers and have to resort to macing them instead. You are an idiot.

  • 15yearoldmaced

    if i may say, if you are referring to the 15 year old in alex's twitter then you are refferring to me because i was the only girl he got to talk to before h was locked onto the bus, you can believe me or not on that part that is your choice. first off get the story straight they did not mace people because they were getting on the stage, the maced girls because they were fist fighting over jacks hat, i was only standing behind them watching and i got maced, then was taken to the back and helped where i ran into alex and i told him what happened, you can believe me or not i dont care, but this is the exact truth and that is what happened, the police maced the girls to stop the fight but got everyone around them that were just wanting to see the concert. thats all of the real facts. if you dont believe me that i was the girl alex was mentioning i have proof in which i contacted him and he contacted me back telling me that he remembers me and that i was her. but that is besides the point they maced people that had no right to be maced. so get your facts straight before you go saying things on the internet.

  • Fucking idiots. This concert was AMAZING, and they are gunna lose a lot of people from this. You mess with the fans, you mess with ATL and BLG. You mess with ATL and BLG, you mess with us. If you think that macing kids in the face is the right thing to do, then you need some fucking help. And people who are saying this is fair, need to go away. You must have a fucking stick shoved up your ass.

  • Jamilla

    WTF you have no idea what you're talking about. I was there. We were on the side on the stage and in the pit…NOT on the stage. Jack threw his hat into the crowd and THAT'S how things got rowdy. We weren't being “smartasses”. Some girls and a couple guys were pulling on the hat and the security guard was trying to take it from them. Nobody would give it up so he sprayed as many freaking people as he could (including my friends) i didn't get hit directly but i sure as hell still felt it. That man is a security guard and it's his job to know how to handle situations better than that. He failed and I am never going back to Six Flags Over Texas again….but then again, I'm just an ATL fan…who gives a fuck about me??

  • Mia

    You can't call them immature in THIS situation unless you were there and you still want to judge them. People were screaming in pain..i mean totally freaking the hell out..people couldn't breathe and other security guards had to pull girls up onto the stage to examine them for a full 5 minutes (doesn't seem like a long time if you weren't maced in the face) until they took them to another place to give them medical attention or whatever. If you think the girls were overreacting then how bout you get a shit load of mace sprayed in your face and then give your opinion and see if it changed or not. The girls didn't get maced because they were on the stage…i know this because i was there. they were just having a good time.

  • Lisa

    For anyone that didn't know what happened I did. I was one of the many victems that got maced. I am 16 and I didn't get on stage once. The problem was that there were kids fighting over a hat that got thrown into the audience. The police guards deffence was deciding to mace the crowd to break up the fight. I wasnt even involved in the fight over the hat and I got maced because I was by the incedent. The police guards should know better. Thats stupid what they did and they should be fired.

  • ahiller

    I was one of the people that got maced in the face. I am 16 and it was all over a hat that Jack threw into the audience. There were kids that were fighting over the hat but I was not involed, I just happened to be standing next to the incident. My friend is the one that Alex talked about in his twitter about the girl that looked about 15. She got to meet him backstage for a second but thats when he came back out and stared complaining. What he did was noble and I greatly appreciate his sincirity towards his fans.

  • ahiller

    LOL you wern't there and have no clue what happened. My friend was the 15 year old girl who got maced and I got maced too. There was no excuse for macing us in the face and eyes. There were some kids trying to get the hat that was thrown from Jack out into the audience. I just happened to be close to them and then all of a sudden, my eyes are burning. You would cry too if you got maced in the eye!! No one deserves that!!

  • John

    As a former employee of six flags I can say for sure that no six flags employee is allowed to carry mace or use it on a guest. I know the Security guards who were there and they would not do this. They would get fire for it. Not to mention they are good guys and would not do that. The facts are and teenagers hate to hear it. There are rules and there is consequences for breaking those rules. The guests broke the rules of the park and got thrown out. You cannot get on stage during a performance. You can see in the video that the security and event staff (you teenagers who are bitching prolly don't know the difference) were attacked by guests. This is a violations of the Guests code of Conduct and the band egged on the guests to come up on the stage after security told them they could not. They violated the Guest Code of Conduct and there is consequences for that. If a on duty police officer maced a guest he was prolly protecting himself, but that doesn't mean six flags condone it. The Crowd got out of control, attacked employees of the park, and the band condoned the actions of guests who were attacking the employees. The band and the guests who did not obey the rules were banned. They got exactly what they deserved. Furthermore, the swearing of the band is inappropriate for a family park. If the Park president did not ban them, I woulda called his office and got the band banned because their actions were inappropriate. Now the band is making up stories because they were banned and they are pissed. As far as I am concerned they got what they deserved. I hope Six Flags sues them for all this.

  • Steven

    i was super dissapointed that they didnt come to the S.A. show, and tthis pisses me off bad cause their the only reason i went!!!!!

  • Jenna

    This whole think is fucking bullshit! My friends daughters got maced and they didn't do anything wrong. Sure, they were two feet away from the fighting girls, but it wasn't their fault! I'm so glad ATL and BLG stood up for their fans. Security overreacted. FUCK THEM.

  • Jenna

    This whole think is fucking bullshit! My friends daughters got maced and they didn't do anything wrong. Sure, they were two feet away from the fighting girls, but it wasn't their fault! I'm so glad ATL and BLG stood up for their fans. Security overreacted. FUCK THEM.

  • Jade Lesher

    The kids who got maced were UNDERAGED. There is no excuss for spraying mace into a KIDS face. Even if the band did breech a contract, the police still assaulted kids. If the police were in no imediate danger and no one else was, than it was assault with a deadly weapon, no matter how you spin it. I was there at the concert. Most of the kids were just standing on the stage or jumping on the stage. Only a few kids were rowdy enough to be alarmed by, and it still wasn’t necassary to mace them.

  • Oldschool

    Welcome to Texas, Cops gone wild and rubs covering for the tarded ass. BTW I’m 50 and a hard core will educated rocker. I mis the Texas Jam

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