Ex-Chiodos Vocalist Brandon Bolmer Starts New Solo Project


Brandon Bolmer (Ex-Chiodos Vocalist) has started a new project called Maskarade. Read below:

To my brothers and sisters, friends and listeners:  As some of you may know, Ive been brainstorming and developing a solo project for about a year.  As promised, today is the day I will publicly start this new chapter in my life.  The project is called MASKARADE [an alternate spelling of masquerade, pronounced the same].  It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it represents me and all my interests.  This project is about music and art, and a free flowing state of mind.  As I’ve said before, Im floating down this river of creativity, making music I love, going wherever it takes me.

With that said, the first thing Im presenting is a remix I did for a current contest put on by Earmilk / Warner Bros for a new and awesome, quickly-rising female artist named Kimbra.  The original song is called “Settle Down”, and the contest starts today!  Initially I had planned on presenting my original material first, but when I started working on this remix a couple days ago, I fell in love with it, and my gut told me to start here.  Im excited with the way it turned out, Ive always been a huge fan of female vocalists, and she is such a great singer.

Take this remix with a grain of salt, as there are no limitations with MASKARADE.  For those of you wanting to hear my voice, you can be sure that I am definitely incorporating my vocals into most of the originals that I produce, and those originals are just around the corner!

Lastly, every Monday will be #MaskaradeMondays – I will be sharing something at the beginning of each week whether it be a set of art pieces I’ve created, a new song, live chats….who knows.  So, look forward to that each Monday, and follow me on Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/IAMMASKARADE ) to find out what’s coming each week!

Thanks to everybody that has supported me over the span of this 10+ year journey, there is no end in sight.  Lets make this something special!

HEAR MY SUBMISSION FOR THE KIMBRA REMIX CONTEST HERE:  KIMBRA – “SETTLE DOWN” [MASKARADE REMIX]  http://soundcloud.com/earmilk/kimbra-settle-down-maskarade (Please “SAVE TO FAVORITES” to ensure that your vote will count)