Escape The Fate Bassist Max Green Enters Rehab, European Tour Canceled

Escape The Fate have canceled plans to join Bullet For My Valentine in Europe after the announcement that bassist Max Green will enter rehab for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Frontman Craig Mabbitt said,

Escape The Fate will not be joining Bullet For My Valentine on their European tour that kicks off this weekend in Helsinki, Finland.  Instead the band will remain in the states to support their band mate, bassist Max Green, as he enters an undisclosed rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Max needs his friends and family by his side, so we’re not gonna leave him. Max is one of my best friends and has never done this band wrong in any way shape or form. It’s very honorable of him to admit he has a problem and wants to seek help for the longevity of his life and this band. I’m so sorry to the fans, but so proud of Max. He needs our love and support through this rough time in his life, so let’s give it to him. Our soldiers never let us down and we will be back to play Europe and the two London dates very soon. We love you guys.

  • Destinie

    thats okay that he went into rehab.
    it’s amazing that he wanted help.
    I love max green and still do no matter what.
    I think it’s very awesome that he wants to help himself for the band

  • JamesJanish

    I am very proud of his decission. I wish him the best and I wish him a happy life in the future. 🙂

  • Ammon

    im so glad your there for your band mates…. just like you where there for ronnie when he went to prison. -_- btw ETF went WAAAY downhill since ronnies departue hes gonna take your place at the top so have fun being the has beens =)

  • TokioEscape

    Go, Max! We love you 🙂

  • Curious123

    What can i say… apart from i’m a pussy.

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