Elliot James Announces New Band, Talks Hey Monday

Elliot James (former drummer of Hey Monday) has revealed his new band will be named Break Blossom. In a interview, Elliot talked about his reasoning for leaving Hey Monday. Full interview here.

Fans are going to ask until they get answers, so can you discuss as much as the backstory of leaving Hey Monday as you you’re willing to?
This is true. Alright, once and for all, this is the god honest reason and I’m sorry if this disappoints or upsets people but at this point I’m just keeping it real. All of us go went way, way back. I truly loved everything we did with HM and I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. It was all priceless. And it stayed good for a really long time. That said, I loved it so much that I wanted it to last. But I was thinking ahead and I was living in a situation where I didn’t feel in control of my career. And for someone whose trying to make a career in music and not just a sweet run for a couple years, you’ve got to do what’s best for you and for everyone. I would have stayed with the band for as long as they wanted me to commit too but as soon as I told them how i was feeling they replaced me immediately. Cass felt like i had used the band to better myself in all areas and that was never the case. I wanted to play with musicians who wanted to get better and write timeless music, not write songs that were just ‘current’. I truly didn’t see the band sticking together as a team and working through problems personally and creatively and people called me crazy to give it up, but look where the bands at now? Looks like i was right after all. I’m super proud and gracious for everything we did together, and all the stuff they did without me. No one said any of this stuff would be easy. But are you going to give up on a dream you want just because its hard? If you want anything less than the life you think you deserve I feel bad for you, because in this day and age there’s no reason you can’t make a living waking up everyday to do what you want to.