New Song – Cute Is What We Aim For “He Went From A ‘Fuck-Up’ To ‘Stand Up’ Kid”

Cute Is What We Aim For have released a new song entitled “He Went From A ‘Fuck-Up’ To ‘Stand Up’ Kid.” Listen to the song below.

This is a new song… along with some random photos taken this year (Buffalo, Atlanta, Belgium, Amsterdam and Germany)
With that being said, I am sorry to those who may have been wondering where I’ve been or even what I’ve been doing over the past year … Well, I’ve spent the last year working on music that will hopefully move people and writing words that actual have substance behind them. This overwhelming feeling has been triggered by the state of today’s current ‘music’. What I’ve noticed is that VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE SAYING ANYTHING! Lyrics are an afterthought or just a sales pitch for the latest trend. Coming to this realization leaves me feeling bewildered, especially to think that I am or have somehow contributed to the problem in some way. I have had to ask myself over and over if what I am writing is ‘true’ or has a point that encourages the listener to pursue his or her own ‘truth’. In this instance, truth means being earnest and humble. It means to take the time and think your words through to form an actual message instead of taking the easy way and just riding the cliché shallow wave that so many choose to surf, not because it’s a challenge but because it’s easy to stand tall on a wave that will always be small.
Reaching this conclusion has certainly not made things easy. It’s actually made things that much harder but at the end of the day, I am able to rest easy knowing that I am actually staying true to my principles and not giving in to a fraudulent ‘fix’ of popular convictions.
This has meant that a bunch of material has been thrown away for lack of love. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to win the battle against myself and just lower my standards so I can put out material that I don’t feel 100% about . This rationale may seem stubborn or even a bit selfish to some but to those people out there who refuse to settle and compromise their principles, I hope it allows you to see that you are not alone in your thoughts. I hope you enjoy the sounds and I can’t tell you how much your support means. Without you, I would’ve given up.
Think thoroughly, think safely but at the end of the day, live how you feel.