Craig Owens Looking For Female Singer/Songwriter

Craig Owens posted on his website that he is seeking a female singer/songwriter for a special project. This project is not the same as Owen’s new group consisting of Matt Good, Nick Martin, and Aaron Stern. Read the post below:

I am looking for the most talented female singer / songwriters (also must play guitar) for a special project that I’m working on. If you consider yourself a talented, hardworking musician that’s looking to make music your life and career.. Please send songs, videos, pictures or any other indications of your talent / image w/ the subject line ’ I live for music.’ to Jacob at [email protected] Good luck, and I will hopefully be speaking you all soon!


P.S. – If you know a girl that fits the bill, please send this her way! The more entries the better! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE APPLICATION IF IT IS NOT SENT BY THE ACTUAL APPLICANT HERSELF, THANKS!

P.S.S – This is NOT for the new band featuring Nick Martin, Aaron Stern and Matt Good. Thought I would kill that rumor before it even started. <333.