Boys Like Girls Drummer Arrested For Breaking And Entering

According to Massachusetts newspaper The Sun Chronicle, Boys Like Girls drummer John Keefe was charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle last Friday. Keefe allegedly got into a confrontation that morning with a neighbor outside his Mansfield condominium over the noise of a carpet cleaning van parked outside. Police say Keefe opened the van door several times and turned the keys to stop the cleaning equipment which was powered by a compressor.

Keefe told responding officers that he was up late into the previous night writing music and was trying to sleep before the police were called around 11 a.m. He admitted to reaching inside the open van window and turning the ignition. He pleaded innocent and was released from Attleboro District Court without bail. His lawyers and father declined comment. Keefe is due back in court in December for a pretrial hearing. Boys Like Girls are still scheduled to tour the U.K. in November.