Black Flag Guitarist Explains Why He Is Suing Flag

Black Flag

Black Flag’s founder, Greg Ginn, suing former members of his band( FLAG:  Keith Morris, guitarist/singer Dez Cadena, bassist Chuck Dukowski, drummer Bill Stevenson and Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton].

The dispute is not motivated by an effort to stop anyone from covering [the] songs. Quite to the contrary. this dispute began when Henry Garfield and Keith Morris made an effort to hijack the name – and the logo – for their own use.

In September 2012, [they] filed fraudulent trademark applications in which they are claiming to own the name and the logo. Had we not taken action, this pair could have snuck these false applications through the Trademark Office, enabling them to stop Black Flag from playing and gaining exclusive use of the name and logo for themselves. We are also trying to stop Morris and the others in his band from using the name and the logo in a misleading way, and from selling bootleg items.