Alex Johnson Leaves The Cab

Alex Johnson, drummer of The Cab has left the band. Read an official statement from Alexander Deleon, frontman, below.

We love and will always love Alex Johnson. It was not a decision The Cab wanted to make or that we saw coming and we truly regret that it came down to this. Lifestyle choices were made that didn’t line up with all of the work that we were putting into the record. Those choices did not represent our band and what we believe in and do. We wish Alex the best of luck and happiness in the future and we will always be here for him if he needs us. Hopefully we can play music again together someday. More new music will be out soon for you guys to hear and we cannot wait to see you guys on the road in August. We love you guys so much. Thanks for the continued support.

Alex Johnson had the following to say:

Thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve met over the past 4 years. It’s sad & I wish I wasn’t being let go, but maybe I’ll see you again in the future. I wish The Cab the best of luck.