• Blessthefall, Hundredth, Alive Like Me, More Announced For Warped Tour 2015

    Warped Tour 2015

    The next six bands have been announced for the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. Alive Like Me (6/19-7/12), Blessthefall, Hundredth, Lee Corey Oswald, Trophy Eyes and Family Force 5 (6/19-8/5, 8/8) have been announced.

    Alive Like Me (6/19-7/12)
    Lee Corey Oswald
    Trophy Eyes
    Family Force 5 (6/19-8/5, 8/8)

    Neck Deep
    Front Porch Step
    Kosha Dillz

  • Warped Tour 2015 Dates Announced

    Warped Tour

    Vans Warped Tour have announced the 2015 dates below.

    JUNE 19 Pomona, CA Venue TBA
    JUNE 20 San Francisco, CA Venue TBA
    JUNE 21 Ventura, CA Venue TBA
    JUNE 23 Albuquerque, NM Venue TBA
    JUNE 26 Houston, TX Venue TBA
    JUNE 27 Dallas, TX Venue TBA
    JUNE 28 San Antonio, TX Venue TBA
    JULY 01 Nashville, TN Venue TBA
    JULY 02 Atlanta, GA Venue TBA
    JULY 03 Tampa-St.Petersburg, FL Venue TBA
    JULY 04 Miami, FL Venue TBA
    JULY 05 Orlando, FL Venue TBA
    JULY 07 Charlotte, NC Venue TBA
    JULY 08 Virginia Beach, VA Venue TBA
    JULY 09 Pittsburgh, PA Venue TBA
    JULY 10 Philadelphia, PA Venue TBA
    JULY 11 New York, NY Venue TBA
    JULY 12 Hartford, CT Venue TBA
    JULY 14 Boston, MA Venue TBA
    JULY 15 Buffalo, NY Venue TBA
    JULY 16 Cincinnati, OH Venue TBA
    JULY 17 Toronto, ON Venue TBA
    JULY 18 Washington, D.C. Venue TBA
    JULY 19 Holmdel, NJ Venue TBA
    JULY 21 Scranton, PA Venue TBA
    JULY 23 Cleveland, OH Venue TBA
    JULY 24 Detroit, MI Venue TBA
    JULY 25 Chicago, IL Venue TBA
    JULY 26 Minneapolis, MN Venue TBA
    JULY 27 St. Louis, MO Venue TBA
    JULY 28 Milwaukee, WI Venue TBA
    JULY 29 Indianapolis, IN Venue TBA
    JULY 30 Kansas City, KS Venue TBA
    AUGUST 01 Salt Lake City, UT Venue TBA
    AUGUST 02 Denver, CO Venue TBA
    AUGUST 04 Mesa, AZ Venue TBA
    AUGUST 05 San Diego, CA Venue TBA
    AUGUST 07 Portland, OR Venue TBA
    AUGUST 08 Seattle, WA Venue TBA

  • DayShell Drop Off Warped Tour


    DayShell announced that they are dropping off the 2014 Vans Warped Tour do to “unforeseen circumstances.” Read below:

    Announcement: It comes with great sadness to inform you all we will no longer be playing The Vans Warped Tour this summer. Unforeseen circumstances have come up that are out of our control and we decided to do what was best for the band and drop off the tour. We are deeply sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But with every struggle can come a great triumph.

    The good news is we will be using this time to be writing new music and may even step into the studio during this time. We have been writing some new jams already and are very pumped to put them out for you guys.

    More news will come soon. Again we are deeply sorry to give you this announcement but trust us when we say we are excited for what the future holds.

    Love you all.




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